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Export Sales Mentoring

Develop your sales team and management with Advance Fluid Systems. Using the experience and success of AFS you can enhance the motivation and skills of your team to deliver an even better performance in export markets.

Your team can deliver success for the company with specialist attention dedicated to your issues. Whether your new sales manager needs to adapt to the particular sales situation of the international markets or you have a particular export-related issue, you can call on AFS to enable great decision-making in your company.

Mentoring is a proven development technique and is relevant in the following example circumstances:

  • to develop export strategy
  • to prepare national sales managers and staff for the international scene
  • to raise performance of underperforming teams or individuals
  • to help solve specific sales related problems and dilemmas
  • to ensure common purpose amongst sales teams
  • to help export sales managers manage their sales teams
  • to give the best possible chance of success in specific markets or sectors
  • to prepare you for an international trade event